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How It Works:

We Write plays, daily in fact. Plays of the one minute variety. Each week we work with loose themes to craft new and interisting plays  one minute in length. We begin by each writing a play individually. The following day each of us rewrites a new version of the others play using their origional as a base. Sound fun? it is!

Want to Join In?

Anyone can write a one-minute play, so why not join the fun? We encourage everyone to try their hand at this! Writers, non-writers, kids, parents, families, pets, old man river, and you! Start simple: pick a place, two characters, and three lines and take on the challenge of writing a play a day! If you choose to submit your play for review it may be selected to be one of our featured submissions or even as the basis for one of our redux sessions. Send your beautiful brain babies our way via this online form.

Submit a Play


Terms & Conditions for one-minute play submissions.

Rules and Guidelines: Play a Day will only consider submissions that are no longer than 1.5 pages in 11 point font. We are very experimental and open, however we will exercise discretion with work that we feel projects hatred, prejudice, or any ill will toward any individuals or groups because we don’t roll like that.

Formatting: We ask that you take a look at our work and try to stick to our formatting (to make our jobs easier), however we do reserve the right to format your work to our specifications upon your submission.

Conditions: Include your name and a sentence or two about yourself. All submissions become our property, however we will of course credit you for your hard work and sing your praises on all of our media platforms that we invite you to like/follow/tag yourself on. We reserve the right to edit and publish submissions online.